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Overall rating – 9.1, with over 50% of participants rating the entire event a perfect 10 on a scale from 0 to 10. This is how you evaluated the 15th edition of the Silesia Marathon. Adding, 65% of participants set their personal records on the marathon and half-marathon routes this year. Congratulations for participating in such excellent races!.


The Silesia Marathon, despite organized only 15 years, is an event that we aim to develop. The most important aspect for us as organizers is organization and participant satisfaction. Therefore, right after this year’s race, we asked for your feedback. We received 1377 completed surveys for which we thank you. This provides us with interesting material for analysis. We are aware that there are aspects of the event that can be improved, and we will be doing so, thanks to your input.


Below, we present a few statistics based on a larger date base that apply to all participants.

21% of the participants were women (79% were men). The bigges age groups were 31-40 years old and 41-50 years old, both representing 35% of the participants.

Only 12% were newcomers to the event, while more than 39% were experienced athletes, often participating in street races.
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Not every race allows participants to achieve personal bests, but we are delighted that over 93% of participants are satisfied with their performance. Most of you were well-prepared for the race.

In fact, we can even say that you prepared excellently; a remarkable 65% of respondents set their personal records this year!!! Congratulations.

Perfection may not exist in the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for it. We will definitely thoroughly analyze your feedback.


We are pleased that the vast majority of you appreciate the dedication and hard work of the entire team as well as hundreds of volunteers. This encouragement motivates us to continue our dedicated efforts for the next edition.

Świetna organizacja, wszystko bardzo czytelnie oznakowane i dograne wszystkie szczegóły, od startu do mety (i za metą – punkty żywnościowe, wybór posiłku wege / mięsny) – nie miałem wątpliwości np. “gdzie mam teraz iść”, płynny ruch uczestników przez całą imprezę; dziękuję i do zobaczenia w przyszłym roku!

Organizacja tak wielkiej imprezy wymaga ogromnego zaangażowania ludzi, środków.. I tak było!! BRAWO WY!! 👏👏👏”

Everything was well organised. The water and food was properly balanced during the race and the end was perfect with all the supporters. The t-shirt and the medal are great.

Cała organizacja biegu silesia maraton była na wysokim poziomie..emocje i finish w kotle … mega. Doping wolontariuszy ich zaangażowanie i uśmiech na trasie Super.. I kibice ❤️❤️❤️ niezastąpieni.

Jestem bardzo zadowolony Startuje w różnych zawodach biegowych od około 10 lat , na chwilę obecną był to najlepiej zorganizowany bieg w jakim uczestniczyłem. Finisz na stadionie to jest wisienka na torcie Dziękuję za dobrą zabawę i mam nadzieję do zobaczenia w przyszłym roku.

These is just a small fraction of the entries evaluating our project.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that 93% of participants recommend taking part in the Silesia Marathon. Therefore, we invite you to join the next edition, which will take place on October 6th 2024.
It’s a date worth marking in your calendar!

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