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Next edition of Silesia Marathon is ahead of us. For the 16th time, we will gather at the marathon start line, marking also the 20th edition of Silesia Halfmarathon and the 6th start of Silesia Ultramarathon.

On October 6th, we will all celebrate the running festival with the finish line at the National Athletics Stadium.

It’s natural that the group of most loyal participants, who have completed every edition of the marathon so far (28 people) and half marathon ( person), will begin to thin out, as the metrics cannot be cheated. Therefore, we will continue to develop last year’s project – ELITE TEN CLUB. We appreciate everyone who has embraced our event and joins us as often as they can.

ETC is an elite group, and membership is based on one criterion only – participating in ten editions of Silesia Marathon. It doesn’t matter whether these were half marathon, marathon, or ultra marathon races, or whether the ten participations were consecutive or with breaks in between. Anyone, male or female, who has completed ten out of the fifteen previous editions of the race can become a member of the ELITE TEN CLUB.

The project is not a one-year initiative, so if you have completed “only” 5 or 7 starts, there is nothing stopping you from joining this exceptional group of runners in the coming years.

Participation in the ELITE TEN CLUB is free!

In addition to belonging to the true ELITE of Silesia Marathon, participants can expect additional bonuses. Last year, over 60 athletes joined the club. Due to the fact that over 16 years we have changed the IT system associated with the race, it was managed by different companies specializing in time measurement, and athletes themselves changed their data/names, we ask you to apply for membership in ETC Silesia Marathon through our contact form (selecting the ELITE TEN CLUB contact option).

In the registration, please list the years in which you participated in our event. You should have a minimum of 10 years listed. Contact >>>.

Athletes in the ELITE TEN CLUB, besides the honorary membership among exceptional runners, receive the opportunity for a warm-up before the start in a special area—the main arena of our event, the track at the Silesian Stadium—and the right to line up at the front of the starting line. Additionally, we intend to prepare additional benefits for ELITE TEN CLUB members, which we will inform about gradually.


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