Silesia Grand Prix – because one race is never enough!


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Two major running events are ahead of us, taking place on May 1st and October 6th. One region, two different starting locations (Culture Zone in Katowice and Silesian Stadium in Chorzów), and a total of five races, including two editions of the half-marathon.

All runners who participate in both events are invited to join the new, exceptional competition – SILESIA GRAND PRIX. It doesn’t matter what distances you run, whether you’re just starting your running journey and these are your first races in road running, or if you have several years of experience.


Silesia Grand Prix:
– 4. the Run of Heroes – ok. 5 km – May 1, 2024 r.
– 19. Silesia Half Marathon – 21,097 km – May 1 2024 r.
– 20. Silesia Half Marathon – 21,097 km – October 6, 2024 r.
– 16. Silesia Marathon – 42,195 km – October 6, 2024 r.
– 6. Silesia Ultramarathon – 50 km – October 6, 2024 r.


Every participant who starts in both the May and October running events will receive an additional reward from us. At no extra cost, without any fee, each of you will be able to collect a dedicated medal/statuette (details regarding the format of the reward will be provided later).


The medals/statuettes will be in three symbolic colors – gold, silver, and bronze. The color of the awarded prize will depend on the total distance covered during the two races – on May 1st and October 6th of this year.

Bronze medal/statuette you will receive in case of completing the total distance up to 40 km – the Run of Heroes and the autumn Silesia Half Marathon.

Silver medal/statuette you will receive when the combined distance amounts to 41 to 60 km, which gives you three options to choose from: the Run of Heroes along with the Silesia Marathon or the Silesia Ultramarathon, or participation in both editions of the Silesia Half Marathon.

– >Gold medal/statuette every participant who covers over 60 km will receive. In this case, we have two options to choose from: participation in the 19th edition of the Silesia Half Marathon in May and participation in the Silesia Marathon or Silesia Ultramarathon in autumn.



We hope that participation in the Silesia Grand Prix be an opportunity for the development of your sporting and running passion, as well as a fun experience for each of you. Six variants tailored to athletic fitness levels will allow you to find the distance that suits you best, enabling you to fulfill your running challenge for the year 2024.

You can register for all races included in the Silesia Grand Prix 2024 here.:


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* No fee upon personal pickup of the medal/statuette in November 2024. In the case of shipping, there will be a charge associated with preparation and shipping costs.

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