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The jubilee 15th edition of Silesia Marathon is now behind us. All of you deserve great recognition. Heartfelt congratulations to you from Jakub Chełstowski, Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, which is our main partner.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the participants of the 15th edition of Silesia Marathon for their involvement in the biggest running event in our region. Congratulations on your athletic achievements, but above all, I commend your determination and spirit in facing the challenges of the race course. It’s a great success for each of you. An individual race that connects – uniting runners from Poland and around the world, as well as the cities in our region. I believe that only pleasant memories will remain from this year’s event.

I’m pleased that Silesia Marathon, once again concluding on the track of the Silesian Stadium, has firmly established itself in the calendar of the biggest sporting events. See you in “the Cauldron of witches” next year.”

Jakub Chełstowski, Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship.


The entire organizing team of the event, along with our other partners and sponsors, join in sending our best wishes!




We present the official results of this year’s competition – you can also download your race completion certificate from our website, which is visible alongside your result. Once again, we thank all the participants for their involvement and congratulate you on your achievements.


Official results



The winners od the 15th edition of the Silesia Marathon are:

Paweł Kosek (POL) with a time 02:29:06

Aleksandra Tarnowska (POL) with a time 02:52:07


The winners of the 18th edition of the Silesia Halfmarathon are:

Mateusz Mrówka (POL) with a time 1:10:30

Barbara Pawełczyk (POL) with a time 1:20:25


The winners of the 5th edtion of the Silesia Ultramarathon are:

Łukasz Wawrzynek (POL) with a time 03:22:11

Olga Zatoń (POL) with a time 03:45:11




Classification of the fastest runners, residents of the Silesian Voivodeship:
The Champions of Silesia in marathon: Paweł Kosek i Aleksandra Tarnowska
The Champions of Silesia in halfmarathon: Mateusz Mrówka i Barbara Pawełczak
The Champions of Silesia in ultramarathon: Paweł Skorupa i Karolina Wosik


The Polish Judges’ Marathon Champion IUSTITIA
The Polish Judges Champion in marathon: Bartłomiej Przymusiński
The Polish Judges Champions in halfmarathon: Włodzimierz Wróbel i Joanna Szpunar



Running brings people together! We’re delighted that so many of you share your passion for running with others, training and competing under the colors of various clubs and running groups. Before the Silesia Marathon, we announced the team competition, and today we present the results of the classification


The fastest team – Marathon
1. W POGONI ZA DUCHEM – 22:19:49


The fastest team  – Halfłmarathon

1. HURAGAN LIGOTA – 08:55:29
2. W POGONI ZA DUCHEM – 09:05:12
3. BREMBO – 09:15:38


The fastest team – Ultramarathon




Unfortunately, this year as well, we were forced to disqualify several athletes. Fair play and sportsmanship are our priorities, and we will continue to emphasize the importance of upholding high standards in Silesia Marathon.
In addition to disqualifications, we also issue warnings. In the event of another warning received at our competitions, it will result in automatic disqualification of the athlete.


54 Anna Nowakowska 1113 Mateusz Gwardiak 6496 Marcin Wujek
93 Dariusz Stypułkowski 1313 Marcin Respondek 6505 Mariusz Feliga
151 Michał Szczyrbowski 1502 Paweł Ochocki 6690 Zbigniew Loska
347 Mariusz Wylotek 1518 Radosław Gołkowski 8385 Mirosław Srokosz
364 Sławomir Lepiarczyk 1654 Dariusz Kołodziej 8552 Paweł Puch
377 Artur Woźniak 1669 Zbigniew Kłudka 8842 Kacper Krajewski
479 Paweł Supiński 1748 Maciej Borek 8870 Piotr Owerko
561 Artur Zadeberny 1758 Paweł Marszalek 8948 Czesław Teszner
676 Paweł Rejmak 1894 Jacek Richter 8980 Tomasz Nowak
748 Magdalena Pochciał 1912 Sławomir Oczkowicz 9083 Jakub Szaleniec
765 Daniel Suski 1940 Dominik Roś 9251 Tomasz Kowal
768 Magdalena Kałuska 5061 Jacek Pikuła 9303 Dominik Siwy
794 Kamil Kasper 5158 Piotr Tomaszek 9477 Michał Gałkiewicz
822 Renata Herliczka 6233 Damian Klobuch 9490 Paweł Kozłowski
996 Karol Włodarski 6417 Jarosław Marzec 9534 Zbigniew Król
1082 Rafał Chodakowski 6477 Michał Kulisz


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