Silesia Marathon Pacemakers


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During the 15th edition of the Silesia Marathon, pacemakers will once again be there to assist you on the course. Who are pacemakers? They are runners who maintain a consistent pace throughout the entire distance to achieve a predetermined finishing time. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to reach your target time, especially if you’re aiming for a personal best in this year’s edition.

Below, we present the list of our pacemakers for this year, who will help you achieve your target time both in the marathon and half marathon. Everyone will find a suitable pace. So, check who you should follow on the course.


03:30 – Mateusz Stachura
03:40 – Mirosław Dróżga, Paweł Pośpiech
03:50 – Łukasz Mietła, Mirosław Grzondziel
04:00 –Przemek Nawrocki, Andrzej Gonciarz, Paweł Furman
04:15 – Przemek Markowski, Agnieszka Struk, Adam Sypiański
04:30 – Sebastian Surgucki, Tomasz Waszkiewicz
04:45 – Maciej Borek, Mariusz Gut
05:00 – Iwona Surgucka, Dariusz Kołodziej
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01:30 – Marek Nawrot, Marek Bogdoł
01:40 – Adam Lewiński, Nikodem Przybyłko, Jan Żogała
01:50 – Michał Łojko, Marcin Solik
02:00 – Witold Twardosz, Tomasz Strzelczyk
02:10 – Kornel Milbrant, Grzegorz Cetnar

All our pacemakers are experienced runners who have had many successful marathon races and have achieved times better than the ones they will guide the groups to this year. These athletes will be clearly marked, and they will undoubtedly assist you during challenging moments on the course.

It’s important to remember that pacemakers provide knowledge, running experience, and assistance on the course, but they are also runners like all of us, and occasionally they may have an off day or health issues. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that they are there to help, but each participant is ultimately responsible for their own finish time.

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