Silesia Marathon 2023 medal


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The medal is inspired by the well-known design from the official race t-shirt. On the obverse of the medals, you will find the name of the race and the edition number, while the reverse side features the names of the cities along the route, the distance, date, and the faithful image of the Silesian Stadium from a bird’s eye view. There is also space for engraving your name and the achieved result. All of this is presented on a classic round shape, and its size will undoubtedly make every one of you feel the weight of your running accomplishments.
The ribbons of the medals are adorned with the race logo and the heraldic sign of the Silesian Voivodeship, the main partner of the event.

We have decided to stick to the color scheme from previous years, which means marathon runners will receive medals in blue, half-marathon participants will enjoy medals in shades of red, and ultramarathon runners will be rewarded with trophies in shades of gray and silver.



FINISHER Silesia Marathon

While the medal will undoubtedly find its place on the wall among your trophies, the pin is a versatile accessory that complements any outfit for everyday wear. You can also attach it to your sports bag or any other place you like to proudly display your sporting achievement. And believe us, it’s definitely something worth showing off!The pins can be ordered online after logging into the runner’s account, by selecting the appropriate option in the “Additional Fees” section. There are versions available for both marathon and half-marathon participants.

IMPORTANT! The number of pins is limited, so make sure to place your order early to secure yours!



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We’ll see each other on October 1st at the Silesian Stadium!

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