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Here, we provide some useful information for participants in this year’s event.

As part of the Silesia Marathon 2023, the following events will take place on October 1st:

– Silesia Ultramarathon, starting at 7:30 AM

– Silesia Marathon, first start at 8:00 AM

– Silesia Halfmarathon, first start at 9:40 AM






The last race packages are available on our website until they are sold out. There will be no on-site registration or payment at the Race Office!





Participants who have already paid the registration fee also have an assigned bib number. The race package can be collected at the Race Office at the Silesian Stadium Chorzow Katowicka 10 (gate 1A)

– September 28, 2023, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

– September 29, 2023, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

– September 30, 2023, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


The Race Office is closed on October 1st.


To collect your race package at the Race Office:

Bring your QR code ticket, which you will receive from us on Monday or Tuesday, September 26/27, via the phone number and email address provided during registration (the ticket can be shown electronically or in print).

Approach any station marked with your race distance.

Show your QR code ticket to the staff.



If you want someone else to collect your race package on your behalf, pass them your QR code ticket. This person, after presenting your code at the Race Office, will receive your race package.



The QR code you receive from us is a unique graphic code containing the participant’s data with an assigned bib number.

From September 28 to September 30, parking at P8 (for those coming to the Race Office) is free (2-hour limit), verified based on the parking ticket.

The race package includes, among other things: a bib number with an attached chip and safety pins (you must place it on the front of your shirt, at chest height) and a commemorative technical shirt (in the size you previously ordered).

Participants who paid for the FINISHER Pins can collect them at the Race Office.



Remember to fill out the medical questionnaire on the back of your race number! In case of emergencies, this will be helpful for medical personnel.





Together with several hotels, we have prepared a special accommodation offer for you. You can find information >>>Here<<<





The Race Office is located at theSilesian Stadium Chorzow Katowicka 10 (gate 1A)


Public Transport ZTM
Tram access – lines 0, 6, 23, 41 (stop “Chorzów-Stadion Śląski” or “Park Śląski Wejście Główne”)
Bus access – lines 6, 98, 663, 830, T-10, M-3 (stop “Chorzów-AKS”) Transport to and from the race using public transportation is free with your race number! You can use metropolitan transportation with your race number.


-By Car From September 28 to September 30, exit from parking P8 (for those coming to the Race Office) is free (2-hour limit), verified based on the parking ticket. Entrance to the parking area is from ul. Chorzowska (Park Śląski – main entrance). On October 1st, there will be a charge for parking on all parking lots within Park Śląski.



Parking spaces within Park Śląski may be limited, and there may be associated traffic problems. Therefore, we recommend using public transportation or the nearby free parking at Silesia City Center, from where you can quickly and efficiently reach the starting point using tram lines 0, 6, 23, and 41. A flat fee of 20 PLN will be charged for entry to Park Śląski. Participants will also have access to a parking lot, which can be reached from ul. Siemianowicka.

Pets are not allowed on the premises of the Silesian Stadium (Race Office). Bicycles are also not permitted.

Participants are encouraged to use free public transportation to get to the race start. You can plan your route on the ZTM website ( by entering your departure location >>>Here<<<.





All races will start from the Silesian Stadium.

Entrance to the Athlete Zone – gate number 4. Entrance to the Athlete Zone will be time-restricted and only possible with the bib number attached to the front of the shirt, at chest height! There will be no access to the Athlete Zone for participants of distances other than those specified in the schedule below.

6:15 AM – Opening of the gate number 4 entrance to the athlete zone for Silesia Ultramarathon participants

6:45 AM – Opening of the athlete zone entrance for Silesia Marathon participants – group A

7:15 AM – Opening of the athlete zone entrance for Silesia Marathon participants – group B

8:15 AM – Opening of the gate number 4 entrance to the athlete zone for Silesia Halfmarathon participants – group A

8:45 AM – Opening of the athlete zone entrance for Silesia Halfmarathon participants – groups B, C


BAGGAGE STORAGE is located inside the Athlete Zone and will be open from 6:45 AM to 3:00 PM. For the safety of the event, baggage checked into storage will be subject to inspection.


CHANGING ROOMS will be available near the baggage storage area.

Toilets for participants will be located in the start area at the Silesian Stadium (portable toilets and stadium toilets) and along the race route (near aid stations).





Participants in the start zone must assemble at least 5 minutes before the start. Transition from the Athlete Zone to the Start Zone will occur in groups, with each participant displaying their bib number on their chest. The start will be done in waves, by groups.

7:30 AM – Start of the Silesia Ultramarathon

8:00 AM – Start of the Silesia Marathon (elite and group A)

8:05 AM – Start of the Silesia Marathon (group B)

9:40 AM – Start of the Silesia Halfmarathon (group A)

9:45 AM – Start of the Silesia Halfmarathon (group B)

9:50 AM – Start of the Silesia Halfmarathon (group C)



Placing the bib number in a location other than the front of the shirt, such as on a belt, shorts, or the back, will result in disqualification.

Lack of a bib number with a chip, transferring the bib number to an unauthorized person, covering the bib number, or placing it elsewhere will result in disqualification.

Participants in the Silesia Ultramarathon will receive two bib numbers and are required to wear them on the front and back of their shirts.






The routes of the ultramarathon, marathon, and half marathon partially overlap.

– Silesia Ultramarathon: After the start, participants complete two 4-kilometer loops within the Silesian Park and then proceed to the Silesia Marathon route.

– Silesia Halfmarathon: After 8 kilometers, half marathon runners merge with the marathon route.

Detailed route information:

– Silesia Marathon >>>
– Silesia Halfmarathon >>>
– Silesia Ultramarathon >>>




Marathon: There will be stations located near the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 37.5th, and 40th kilometers. At the 5km, 37.5km, and 40km stations, participants will find water in disposable cups and bottles, and at other stations, in addition to water, there will be isotonic drinks, bananas, and sugar gels. The stations will be on one or both sides of the road.

Approximately 50 and 100 meters beyond the stations, containers will be provided for cups and bottles.

Please do not litter the city! Be eco-friendly!

Timing checkpoints will be located at the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th kilometers. Additional checkpoints may be set up. Organizer’s vehicles, medical services, security vehicles, and emergency vehicles will move along the race route. Unofficial assistance by cyclists, apart from official race pacers, is prohibited! Participants receiving assistance from cyclists will be disqualified.

Half Marathon: stations will be located near the 5th, 9th, 14th, 16th, and 19th kilometers, and these are shared with the marathon and ultramarathon.

Ultramarathon: stations will be located near the 4th, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd, 28th, 33rd, 38th, 43rd, 45.5th, and 48th kilometers.





The finish lines for all races will be at the Silesian Stadium.

At the finish line, every participant who completes the race within the stipulated time will receive a commemorative medal.

After crossing the finish line, there will be no stopping or resting. Each participant must promptly exit the finish area.

In the stadium tunnel, you can collect water, and 100 meters further, each participant will receive a food package.

After leaving the Athlete Zone behind the finish line, you can enter the Silesian Stadium’s stands; a medal engraving point will be located beyond the athlete zone. Participants who have purchased medal engraving in advance can provide their race number and receive the service. Participants who have not pre-purchased medal engraving can pay for the service on-site.

You will receive your race result via SMS to the phone number provided during registration.

Unofficial race results will be published on the race website the next day (official results, after considering any objections or protests, will be available within 2-4 days). You can track race results online on the website provided before the event.


Cheering at the Silesian Stadium


The stadium gates will be open to spectators on October 1st from 9:40 AM to 2:30 PM – entrance through gate 1A. Entrance to the stadium will be free. Spectator stands in sectors 5 to 16 will be accessible.

Parents who wish to run the last 100 meters with their children will have the opportunity to do so. In sector 16, there will be an entrance for children to run the final stretch before the finish line.




We prepare the races for you – the runners, and the organization of the race primarily involves volunteers working voluntarily. Please appreciate the work of volunteers, who will undoubtedly make every effort to assist you.


Medical Assistance


An ambulance with a medical team will be on standby at the finish line. Additional medical teams will be stationed along the race route. Additionally, medical personnel with training and medical rescuers will be present at each aid station. If you need assistance or notice someone else who needs help, please report it to the nearest race staff member – a police officer, municipal guard, security personnel, or volunteer.



Remember to fill out the medical questionnaire on the back of your race number! In case of emergencies, this will be helpful for medical personnel.


We wish you good luck on the race route and many enjoyable memories from the sporting competition.

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