Terms and Conditions of Silesia Marathon 2020

I. Organiser
1. Silesia Pro Active Foundation is the Organiser of Silesia Marathon 2020.
2. The Marshal Office of the Silesia Voivodship is the co-organiser of the races and the organisation partners are the cities of: Siemianowice Śląskie and Mysłowice and Chorzów.
II.Date and place. The Route. Facilities for the runners
1. The run will be held on 4th October 2020.
2. Start of Silesia Marathon 2020 will take place at 9.00.
3. The start will be divided into zones. The runners must line up at the start before 8.45 in determined start zones. Allocation to specific start zones is done on the basis of the results provided by a runner in the registration form and on the basis of the order of entries.
4. The course of the race will run through silesian cities and its exact course will be presented on the official website of the run.
5. The marathon will run along streets excluded from the wheel traffic.
6. It is an attested PZLA and IAAF course with the distance of 42.195 km.
7. There will be marks every 1 km.
8. Refreshment stations will be located every ca. 5 km.
9. The runners are obliged to follow the instructions of the police, guards and other service teams securing the run routes.
III.Participation (terms and charges)
1. The marathon race may be attended by runners who turned 18 by the 3th October 2020.
2. To run in the race a candidate must:
a) deliver a written consent to obey these Terms, thus fully accept the above regulations and commit to observe them,
b) be aware they take part in the race at their own responsibility being fully conscious of the dangers and risks associated with this kind of event,
c) be of good health and submit a statement of no medical contraindications to participate in the marathon.
3. When registering and paying the entry fee the runners declare that they compete in the race at their own risk.
4. Application for participation in the race is regarded as:
a) adopting the Terms and Conditions of the run,
b) giving consent to processing the personal data for the purposes of the race,
c) giving consent to placing personal data and image in tv, radio, internet broadcast and in printed form by the organiser and race partners,
d) giving consent to the organiser’s right to provide their personal data to the official sponsors or partners of the event to perform additional classification, competitions or promotions,
e) confirmation of medical examinations and good health without medical contraindications to participate in the marathon.
5. Every participant must be verified in the Race Office with his identity card and by signing his race card.
6. Entry fee for Silesia Marathon 2020 amounts at:
a) PLN 75 – before 12th January 2020 (special offer)
b) PLN 100 – before 15th June 2020
c) PLN 125– before 31st August 2020
d) PLN 150 – before 20th September 2020
e) PLN 200 payable at the Race Office on 23 October 2020.
7. Discount entry fee for group registration (10 people) amounts at:
a) PLN 800 – before 15th June 2020
b) PLN 1000 – before 31st August 2020
c) PLN 1200 – before 20th September 2020
In case of registration group more than 10 people, additional fee for every one participant over 10, depending on date of payment is:
a) PLN 80 – 15th June 2020
b) PLN 100 – before 31st August 2020
c) PLN 120 – before 20th September 2020
8. The payment date is the date of crediting the sum on the organiser’s account.
9. In the case of group applications (e.g. companies and sport clubs, running group) a standard registration is required by the runners with homonymous name, club or running group. To make the payment please contact the Organiser (contact form >>> group registrations).
10. VAT invoices can be issued only till 15th day of month after  the month of the fee crediting on the organiser’s account, after sending by payee a electronic request for a invoice (contact form>>> invoices and payments) and the complete data necessary for its issue.
11. If the entry fee in insufficient (e.g. as a result of missing the deadline of payment herein) the runner is obligated to pay the missing difference to the amount in accordance with the payment schedule specified in the Terms and Conditions.
12. The following persons are entitled to start in the marathon for free:
a) general men and women category winners in the previous editions of Silesia Marathon,
b) aged 70 and older,
c) runners invited by the Organising Committee of the race.
d) runners who ended all pervious editions of Silesia Marathon since 2009.
After registering at the race website the above-mentioned persons should contact the Organiser (contact form>>> Race Office) to get their BIB number.
13. In case of additional restrictions due to the epidemic threat (COVID-19) preventing the organization of the race in 2020, competitors will be able to receive a refund of the entry fee or transfer it to the next year.
14. In incidental cases, the entry fee can be transferred to another competitor.
15. A competitor who wants to transfer the entry fee to another person should contact the organizer’s office indicating another person already registered for the race (contact form>>> Invoices and fees).
16. The handling fee related to the transfer of the entry fee is PLN 15.
17. If the transferred entry fee is lower than the current distance payment applicable on the day of the change, the player to whom the transfer fee is transferred should pay the difference.
18. The entry fee after August 31, 2020 and in a situation where a VAT invoice has been issued for participation in the competition cannot be transferred to another competitor under pain of disqualification.
19. Every participant get a.i.: BIB number (with his name under condition a payment made until 31st August 2020); sport t-shirt designed specially for Silesia Marathon, possibility to use aid station on the course of the race, medal and regeneration packet at the finish line.
IV.Entry and collection of a Race Pack
1. Entry to the run can be made using an application form on the website of www.silesiamarathon.pl until 20th September 2020.
2. In case of any free BIB numbers left after electronic registration entries can be made at the Race Office on 2th and 3th October 2020.
3. The limit of BIB numbers is 4000.
3. Entries will not be possible on the day of the race.
4. The BIB numbers and race packs can be collected in person at the Race Office upon presentation of identity card on:
-2nd October 2020 16:00-20.00 (registration, verification and issuing packs)
– 3th October 2020 10.00-20.00 (registration, verification and issuing packs)
– 4th October 2020 6:30-7:30 (verification and issuing packs)

V. Measurement and time limits.

1. Time measurement is carried out using an electronic system (a time measurement chip is built into the start number).

2. The official time of the competition is the net time (the time from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line).

3. Timing checkpoints will be at 10, 20, 30 km and at the finish of the race route. Additional checkpoints can be entered.

4. During the race all competitors must have the starting numbers received in the package attached to the front of the starting jersey. Under the penalty of disqualification, it is unacceptable to cover the starting number in part or in whole, modify it or place it elsewhere than on the starting shirt.

5. The organizer sets the time limit for completing the marathon for 5 hours and 45 minutes gross.

6. For organizational reasons of public transport in the Silesian agglomeration, time limits are introduced at specific points on the route. Competitors who do not fit in the specified time limit are required to stop the race and leave the marathon route.
a) 20 km – limit: 2:45:00
b) 30 km – limit: 4:05:00
c) 35 km – limit: 4:47:00

VI.Ratings and prizes
1. The ratings in the Silesia Marathon 2020 will be conducted in the following categories:
a) general: men and women – by net time
b) by age: men and women – by net time
• W 20 from 18 to 29 years old
• W 30 from 30 to 39 years old
• W 40 from 40 to 49 years old
• W 50 from 50 to 59 years old
• W 60 – 60 years and older
• M 20 from 18 to 29 years old
• M 30 from 30 to 39 years old
• M 40 from 40 to 49 years old
• M 50 from 50 to 59 years old
• M 60 from 60 to 69 years old
• M 70 – 70 years and older
The classification by age is conditioned by completion of the race by a minimum of four runners in a category. In case fewer runners accomplish the race, they will be rated in the younger category.
2. In order to receive prizes and bonuses one must to complete the race, obtain a negative result of the doping control and appear in person at the awards ceremony.
3. The type and the size of the prize will be presented in separate statement.
VII.Final Provisions
1. The participants are to observe the regulations of PZLA, IAAF and the present Terms and Conditions.
2. The Organiser has the right to remove from the marathon course and the area of the event any persons who in any way disturb public order, the course of the marathon or behave in a way violating the Terms and Conditions.
3. The binding and final interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is only with the Organiser.
Katowice, 1 Dec 2019